Statesman Award for Higgs!

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The Annual Statesman Award is awarded to the top winning Welsh Springer Spaniel with an AKC hunting title. Higgs also earned the award in 2019. I’m very proud of my boy. He loves to hunt!

Photography was made during the 2015 WATKC Hunt Test. The event took place October 3rd and 4th, on the WATKC grounds in Big Bend, WI.

English Cocker puppies!

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January 27th, 2021 Juno had a beautiful litter of four puppies. Juno is a co-owned black and tan girl, Fox River Midnight Rambler who is staying with me until the puppies are ready to go to their new homes. Sire is Zulus, a solid liver male, Zulus Modus Vivendi who is from Poland and owned by my friend Emily and her husband.

The litter is one black male, two black females and one red female. They are five weeks old today and growing like weeds! I do have one puppy available – probably a black female. If you are interested, please email me at

I’ll try to post pictures as soon as possible.

Ben and Freya

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I’m waiting for a picture of Ben and Freya. Freya earned her Novice Trick Dog recently. Now I can’t take credit for this team, but I can take credit for this litter of puppies. That is two puppies from this litter of eight to have their Trick Dog title before they are even six months old! Freya is Fox River Sweet Little Lady from the Higgins and Tilly litter. Watch this fun video of the two until I get a picture.

Our First Dog – Snicker

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Yes, Snicker was an English Springer Spaniel – liver and white. I believe she was born in 1983.
The girls were about 6 and 3 when we got her. She was a great dog for them growing up. She lived to
be 12 1/2 years old.

New Trick Dogs

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Ernie with his Trick Dog Novice ribbon
Pete with his new title ribbon

Ernie earned his Trick Dog Novice title. Nice job Ernie! But he was only 14 weeks old when he did so! Ernie is Fox River Importance of Being Earnest.

His older brother, Pete, also has been busy and has earned his Intermediate and and Advanced Trick Dog recently. Pete is Fox River Legacy For Pete’s Sake and he is five years old. Good job Karen with the boys!

  • Update: News just in! Ernie has his Intermediate Trick Dog now! Wow!

Missing Violet

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October 8th Violet left us for the Rainbow Bridge. She was a big part of Fox River Spaniels giving us three beautiful litters. She was very biddable and sweet. So good with the puppies.

GCH CH Fox River Queen Anne’s Lace BN CD RE CGC

February 22, 2007 – October 8, 2020

New Bronze Grand Champion

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October 27th in Jefferson, WI at the Janesville/Beloit Kennel Club shows, Higgins earned his Bronze Grand Champion by going Best of Breed. I am indebted to friend Barb Lankford for handling him for me for his last point.

GCHB CH Fox River Higgs Boson JH WD CGC TKN

Fox River Spaniels welcomes our new litter of Welsh Springer puppies!

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June 27th Tilly (CH Fox River Celtic Little Chute TKN) whelped her first litter of puppies.  She has three boys and five girls, so eight puppies – a good sized litter!  Sire is Higgins (GCH CH Fox River Higgs Boson JH WD CGC TKN), his second litter.  He throws really nice puppies!


I have all the puppies placed now.  They are with their new families in Washington state, 3 in the Twin Cities, MN area, Rhode Island, 2 in Madison, WI and one right here with me in Green Bay, WI.

Winnie: In the ribbons!

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Just a little prejudiced to say the least!  But such a good teammate who aims to please and loves working makes it fun for both of us!  A challenge to work hard in 2020 and see what we can achieve. CD Title Oshkosh Dec 2019 Winnie (2)

Here she is earning her CD – Companion Dog title.  A title in front and behind her name.  Fox River Spaniels – dogs with versatility, health and beauty.

GCH CH Fox River Sweet Solitude RN BN CD TD TKN CGC

Shandy earns her TKN

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It is interesting, even in this age of social distancing, you can still work with your dog to earn a new title.  Using the camera on my phone, I videoed Shandy doing her tricks, which I forward on to a friend who is an AKC evaluator.  Since Shandy has her CGC – Canine Good Citizen, she only needed five tricks which she did quite easily.  She is a very quick study and is highly motivated – especially for food.  True of every English Cocker I’ve ever known.  Anyway, Shandy now has her Novice Trick Dog title!  Good job Shandy!


Thanks Annie Evarts for the beautiful picture.