CH Fox River Cranberry Bounce BN CD RA NJP NAP CGC CHIC

Ruby's 1st major cropped

Ruby was a puppy from Molly’s litter that we were not planning to keep. She was to go to a hunting family, but they said she didn’t have enough white in her coat. I never knew that the color of a dog had any bearing on whether it was a good hunter. I could have placed her with another family, instead, we fell in love with this beautiful girl. She has an excellent temperament, is very loving and very biddable.

She is the first from this litter to finish her breed championship and our first home-bred champion at that. We are lucky that she has too much red in her coat.

She is called Cranberry Bounce for several reasons. My book of names lists a cranberry as a flower, the theme of Molly’s litter. The cranberry is a bright red color and the cranberry is grown in Wisconsin. Also, when a cranberry is ripe, it bounces when tossed, and this girl is very bouncy. Have you ever tasted a cranberry liqueur? It is really smooth and sweet, and, you guessed it, so is Ruby.

Ruby is really fun to work with. She has earned her Beginner Novice obedience title and her Companion Dog obedience title and is working on her Graduate Novice now. Also, she has earned her Rally Novice and Advanced titles. She needs one more leg to earn her Rally Excellent title. She catches on quickly and is always excited about training. Ruby earned her Novice Agility titles this summer with first and second placements.

Ruby took a first place in Brood Bitch at the 2012 Nationals with Polo and Paige. She has always been a “qualifier” in the prestigious Iron Welsh Challenge. Watch for future adventures with this fun girl!