Missing Molly

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Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 was the date of Molly’s passing.  Her fancy name was Champion Lynlee’s Fox River Sweet Pea CD RE JH WD OAP OJP VCX CGC.  She was our first Welsh Springer Spaniel and the beginning of Fox River Spaniels’ Welshie line.  She was my heart dog.  She was my first breed champion.  She was such a good girl though she had a spark of mischievousness. Like the time she took a loaf of bread off the counter and ate the whole thing – except the plastic bag (evidence).  She gave us one litter of nine girls and now there are over 70 Fox River WSS, thanks to her.  I was blessed to have had her for 15 years, 1 month and 15 days – never long enough.  I can’t begin to thank those who have offered condolences – it really does help.  The number of people that we know because of Molly and her offspring is unbelievable.  Who would have thought that picking up that darling little bundle of joy on Father’s Day weekend 2003 in Phoenix, AZ would open so many doors.  Miss you Molly.